If the opportunity is now – now is the time for Group9.

Opportunities to gain market share or profitably in order to enter new markets in today’s global economy are hard to come by. Companies must move quickly, decisively and intelligently across all aspects of their sales strategy. Enter Group9.

Group9 Communications is an industry leading Cloud Services, Wide Area Network (WAN), and end to end Telecom consulting firm, serving small-mid-market and enterprise clients. We specialize in finding the right cloud, telecom, and managed services providers to match your company’s specific business and technology needs.  From carrier, cloud and IP infrastructure services to contract negotiation, service challenges, and all the project management in between — Group9 Communications can help!

The key benefits of working with Group9 are our proven process to gain you the most advantage from your network providers.

  • We manage your network providers and the bid process.
  • We guarantee improved pricing and/or improved capabilities or there is no charge to you.
  • We shield you from the endless conveyor belt of salespeople; we are your constant partner.
  • We leverage our unique industry knowledge and the power of our consolidated buying power to get deals that are not available to individual companies.

With zero cost and very little effort, Group9 will conduct an assessment of your environment and let you know the savings that are available – savings that go back into your company rather than into the balance sheets of your network provider.

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