Why Choose Group9?

It’s All About Leverage!

Would you like to know how Carriers buy and sell, provide services, price them, industry standards, and negotiate terms at a level that protects your business not the Carrier call Group9?  Do you know what an IRU is, a bi-lateral agreement or a MUG means?  Carriers buy from each other before they sell to you.  Understanding how the game is played, what questions to ask, and how pricing is done makes all the difference.  If you would like a free consultation that provides real value and results that separate us from the revolving door of sales people you are subject to.  If you’re dealing with a local sales guy, you’re not getting the level of service you deserve. Call Group9 to see how you can benefit from our knowledge and leverage our relationships.


Isn’t it time you had leverage?

If The Opportunity is Now - Now is The Time for Group9

Opportunities to gain market share or profitably in order to enter new markets in today’s global economy are hard to come by. Companies must move quickly, decisively and intelligently across all aspects of their sales strategy. Enter Group9.

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