Group9 provides an honest, experience industry-leading Project Management Team.  We review and manage your project from start to finish, by providing the best solutions moving forward and detailing a realistic timeline, multiple solutions and an accurate cost assessment.

Group9 outlines what is right for our customer, including the management of their vendors, deliverables and realistic costs associated with their project.  Group9 focuses on Design, Planning and Project Management of expansion, design or configuration of your new or existing facilities, including all of your office planning.

Cloud Computing

Group9’s Cloud Computing solutions can optimize your business to make it more agile, mitigate risk and reduce costs. By hosting your IT infrastructure “in the cloud”, you can perform all of your critical business functions from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Cloud Telephony and Integrated Communications Solutions

Looking for a secure and reliable communications platform without significant capital expenditures? Group9’s Cloud Communications options can provide secure and dynamic communications anywhere your business takes you.

Continuity and Resiliency Solutions

Group9 can help you determine the resiliency and recovery needs for your business to make sure your data is protected and that your business meets all regulatory compliance.

IT Strategy and Audit Solutions

Group9 will create an IT strategy, complete with audit services that will help you successfully assess, plan and design an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure that supports your business goals.

Maintenance and Technical Support Solutions

Group9 provide proactive support and a single source of service for your entire IT infrastructure. Our superior IT support staff are available 24/7/365 to ensure the high performance of your business.

Middleware Solutions

Middleware from Group9 will help simplify multiple complex, distributed applications into a unified framework to help link together and share data throughout the enterprise.

Outsourcing and Managed Solutions

Outsourcing your IT needs to Group9 will allow you to focus on your business while we manage your day-to-day IT needs.

Security Solutions

We understand that your data is your company’s greatest asset. Group9’s Security Services provide security and peace of mind for your organization.

Service Desk and IT Support

Group9 offers a range of customized services to help simplify maintenance and operations management for each of our clients. With highly skilled engineers available 24/7/365, we are able to provide the highest metrics in end-user satisfaction.

Server Solutions

With so many options to choose from, how do you make the right IT infrastructure and server management decisions for your business that will allow for growth and flexibility? Let Group9’s certified IT consultants provide a technical assessment for you to help determine the best solutions for you.

Storage and Data Solutions

Group9 can help you simplify the management of your storage and data environment while complying with regulations, controlling security and managing costs.


Urban simulation and 3-D design provide impactful interactive data that can be useful to decision makers, political entities and the general public.

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