Group9’s knowledge of the global marketplace allows the customer to make a decision that is best suited for their global needs. Group9’s provides a No Cost Network Audit and provides a detailed road map of your current and future network.

Contract Review

Group9 has negotiated numerous fixed, mobile, hardware, and maintenance contracts delivering the best solution at the best price, while providing the customer with a dramatic cost savings. Group9’s expertise in negotiating with Carriers, PTT’s, CLEC’s, ILEC’s, Cable, Mobile providers, and Equipment Manufactures provides the customer with global market knowledge of current rates, terms and conditions. Group9 will review all contracts, and provide a total cost savings assessment for no initial fee. Group9 will review and negotiate all past and future telecom contracts and provide a detailed analysis on savings moving forward with contract review, selection and negotiation. Group9 will track commitment levels with vendors while verifying contractual rates are being billed properly against contract SLA’s.

Case Study – Contract Review
Contract Negotiations

Group9’s proven process for carrier negotiations includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Strategy
  • Recommendation
  • Price Reduction
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Implementation
Vendor Management and Selection

Vendor Selection and Management is a critical element in establishing a strong foundation for your IT Infrastructure. Group9 leverages the experience and knowledge of our seasoned professionals as well as the information gained from our IT Infrastructure Audit to ensure optimal results when negotiating agreements or selecting vendors. We ensure that your company is taking advantage of all that vendors are willing to offer to improve your overall experience and maximize effectiveness of every dollar that you spend.

Case Study – Leading IT Manufacturer
Site Review

When is the last time your organization performed a site review?  While your internal team stays focused on running the IT Department, Group9 can lead the way and complete non-obtrusive site reviews that combine physical & virtual elements. Our site reviews produce real time data and information about the health & state of your Infrastructure.

  • Life Cycle & Asset Management Tools
  • Network Security Improvements
Technology Assessment and IT Roadmap

Group9 looks at all aspects of your IT Infrastructure and listens to your key decision makers to determine where you are today and your future goals. There are often silo’s created over the years within IT Departments, and technology decisions made in one area can often have a negative effect in another area that causes undo expenditures and wasted resources. Group9’s Technology Assessment gathers & mines data from all of IT, the Business Units and Global Theaters that comprise your company. Our 1, 3 & 5 year IT Road-Map pulls everything together, streamlining the performance of your entire organization.

Case Study – Technology Assessment and IT Roadmap
IP Telephony Deployment

Group9 has assisted Enterprise customers move from outdated, analog TDM voice systems to modern IP Telephony solutions.

Before you start your journey to modernize your voice infrastructure, be sure to ask Group9 about our past IP Telephony Deployments. We have been able to deliver new equipment, services and maintenance to our clients with significant return on their investments being measured in months, not years. Funding for new voice infrastructure projects can come from real savings recognized in our No Cost Network Audit.

Case Study – IP Telephony Deployment
Data Center Design and Buildout

Group9 has expertise in updating and managing data center build-outs. Whether you’re looking to implement new cost savings technology or go green, Group9 will take the lead and ensure timely installation and keep your project within budget.

Wireless Optimization

Group9 will lower your corporate cellular bills with our proven cost control method.

Monthly Cost Management

We provide month-to-month optimization of your company’s wireless expenses and we do so behind the scenes. The process involves virtually no level of effort on your part – Group9 does it all. Every month we analyze your cell phone bills and use our proprietary software and skilled analysts to minimize your costs. Our technology, investment in R&D and human resource recruiting/development is focused on driving industry leading mobile cost containment tools and techniques.

  • Benchmark your current usage
  • Evaluate “off shelf” or unadvertised plans that produce savings
  • Negotiate improved terms with carriers
  • Utilize proprietary software, unique database of plans and skilled analysts to minimize costs


Group9 then implements the specific plan adjustments that support our optimization strategy. We handle all of the behind the scenes work with the carrier allowing our clients to focus on their business. And, we not only communicate the changes, we also track them to ensure they are made in the carrier systems and as such will reduce your bill.

  • Implement and track savings initiatives with your carrier
  • Improve your teams’ productivity and free up your employees time for more strategic work
  • Carrier Management

Account Management

Group9 helps manage your relationship with your wireless carrier. We take on day-to-day, time consuming tasks such as adding or removing features, researching billing anomalies, purchasing or disconnecting devices, etc. Our goal is make it easier to manage your cellular carriers. Group9 will manage the entire process and provide you with our recommendations and results. We also provide simple rate plan benchmarking services that will compare the rates in your contract to the rates of other companies with similar size, scope, and spend.

  • Device procurement and decommissioning
  • Device replacement
  • Feature additions, removal or changes
  • Plan additions, removal or changes
  • Improve your teams’ productivity and free up your employees time for more strategic work


Group9 provides the consolidation of, and visibility into, multiple monthly carrier statements. We provide reports in a clean, user-friendly format that affords clarity of virtually every aspect of your wireless spend including by carrier, by department/cost center, by general ledger code, zero users of voice, data or texting, top users of voice, data or texting by individual user and much more. And, not only can reports be customized with your organizations hierarchy and nomenclature, we can also create completely customized reports based on your requirements.

  • Replace you large paper bill with spreadsheets that are easy to read and manipulate
  • Provide billing formats and reports enabling efficient and thorough review
  • Create clarity on the origin of your wireless costs and the associated services

Wireless Policy Development

Wireless policy development can be instrumental in not only controlling an organization’s cost, but also in ensuring the efficiency, security and effectiveness of your mobile environment. It should define the organization’s preferred carriers, device choices, usage requirements, purchasing procedures, security and more. Group9 can help create a policy for your organization based on both your individual business requirements and industry best practices.

  • Streamline protocols
  • Ensure consistent standards and processes
  • Control your mobile environment

Third Party Procurement

Group9 consults on and provides procurement for 3rd party services such as mobile security, help desk, full scale MDM, etc.

  • MDM, Life-cycle management, MAM, etc.
  • Help Desk services
  • Third party liaising and management
Case Study – Wireless Optimization

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